3.4 – Human impact on the environment

Pages 89 – 96 of the CGP revision notes.

Key questions

  • How is the increasing world population affecting the environment?
  • What is believed to be causing “global warming”?
  • What are the four problems caused by deforestation?
  • Why is the loss of peat bogs of such concern?
  • What are the consequences of climate change?
  • How is evidence for climate change being gathered?
  • How are ethanol and biogas made?
  • What are the two types of biogas generator? How does each one work?
  • What factors need to be considered when designing a biogas generator?
  • What are the economic and environmental effects of using biofuels?
  • How does reducing the number of stages in the food chain improve the efficiency of food production?
  • How does restricting movement by farm animals improve the efficiency of food production?
  • How does developing new food sources (eg. mycoprotein) improve the efficiency of food production?
  • Why are modern farming techniques disliked by some people?
  • What are ‘food miles’ and why should they be kept to a minimum?
  • What steps have been taken to reduce the effects of over-fishing?