3.3 – Homeostasis

Pages 83 – 87 of the CGP revision notes.

Key questions

  • What is the definition of “homeostasis”?
  • What are the six things which need to be controlled?
  • What steps are involved in preserving / losing body heat?
  • What is the role of the kidneys in regulating:       urea, ions, water?
  • What is found in sports drinks?
  • Is there any evidence that they rehydrate the body better than water?
  • Describe the structure of a kidney nephron.
  • How do ultrafiltration and reabsorption contribute to the formation of urine?
  • How do dialysis machines work?
  • What are the dis/advantages of a kidney transplant compared to a dialysis machine?
  • How do insulin / glucagon affect the glucose level of the blood?
  • What is type 1 diabetes and how can it be treated?