1.3 – Control (neurones and hormones)

Pages 19 – 24 of the CGP revision notes.

Key questions

  • What are eceptors, sensory neurones, relay neurones, motor neurones, effectors.
  • What are synapses / how do they work?
  • What are the functions of reflexes?
  • What are the stages of a reflex arc?
  • What are hormones?
  • Three comparisons between hormones and nerves?
  • What are the four stages of the menstrual cycle?
  • What are the roles of FSH / oestrogen / LH?#
  • How are hormones used to reduce / increase fertility?
  • How does IVF work?  Pros and cons?
  • Explain how auxins change the direction of growth of plants.
  • What are the applications of hormones to agriculture?